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There’s nothing I love more than fabric shopping.

Wandering around, feeling different textures, spotting a hidden beautiful

print and swooning after colour shades. Then I can start dreaming about

the designs coming to life in each fabric. ” what should I design; dress/skirt/top?”
“how will it hang?”. “Is the pattern to busy?”. “Short in length or
long?”…… so many options to ponder.


In our high paced society fast fashion is polluting the world with
low quality throw away clothing. However at Blush we aim to create
Clothing from garment factory oversupply otherwise know as ‘remnants’.


We source our remnant fabrics slowly, taking time to check the
quality by burn testing the origins of the fabric. We buy high grade
cotton fabric with no synthetics.


By using remnant fabrics we can only sew a very limited quantity of
each print. We can only source between 10m to 50m of each print.
Therefore sometimes our production run is limited to 5 garments .


Sourcing fabric this way is good for the environment as fabric is the
second largest rubbish group found in Cambodian landfills after


It also makes the designing process more like a treasure hunt to find
awesome unwanted fabric and create amazing pieces that are not massed