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People ask me every day in store, “How long have you been in
Cambodia?” Then followed by “WOW how did you decide on living here?”
And “how long have you been designing clothing?”

So the simple story is I grew up in country NSW Australia. Surrounded
by a family that was obsessed by all things sewing. I learnt to sew as
a 6 year old child and started entering local sewing competitions.

I was a Wanderlust teenager and wanted to travel. So I studied Beauty
therapy and began the journey of working overseas for Hotels in luxury
spa’s. After a few years of island hopping in the South pacific I
landed in Siem reap, Cambodia.

I fell in love with the Magical ‘Temple Town” in 2008. The warmth of the
people, the breath taking Angkor Park and the amazing fabric markets
had me under a spell.

A Khmer friend introduced me to a tailor, sewing just down the road
from my house. We began working on patterns and creating clothing
together without even speaking the same language. All my friends were
asking “where did you get that dress” as Siem Reap didn’t have many
retail outlets and clothing was all made in Asian sizes in synthetic

So the idea of Blush was slowly born. I opened the first store in 2010
with a very basic one size fits all cotton clothing in very limited
quantity’s. The style and range has developed into a cool, chic,
cotton comfortable clothing range.

So now, i spend my days looking at fabric, designing clothing and
working with a awesome team of women to create a fair fashion clothing