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Hey Blush Babes,
We are excited to offer you this TOTALLY UNIQUE range of clothing, completely
HANDMADE IN CAMBODIA, right to your door.
BLUSH Boutique was started in 2010 – at that time (in Cambodia), there was little
or no access to everyday clothing for Western or Larger WOMEN, so we
fashioned a range to fit these needs, starting with simple Easy one-size-fits-all
casual garments.

Since then we have expanded and greatly increased our range. Focusing on the
very Latest FASHIONS, both here, EUROPE, the UK and AUSTRALIA, we have
DESIGNED a range of FUN, CHIC, Long-lasting, DURABLE Clothing for ALL


And more importantly in ALL SIZES, to fit Women of all shapes and size.
All our Fabrics are sourced LOCALLY. We use a wide variety; from Cotton to
Linen. We handpick the best quality Fabric. Our Clothing is all Pre-Washed, to
avoid Shrinkage.


We use a lot of Off-cuts and REMNANT Fabric, so there is little waste, to be as
Environmentally Friendly as we can.
And we operate under a strict FAIR FASHION policy, which dictates our
fair and competitive pricing.
We are a Small Company and pride ourselves on our EXCLUSIVITY – meaning
you are NOT buying MASS PRODUCED, off-the-peg items.


All our Clothing is then LOVINGLY created by our dedicated and professional
Team of highly trained SEAMSTRESSES, right here in Cambodia.
We are sure you will find the perfect garment for your needs, and also offer items
that can be paired to create that PERFECT Outfit – JUST FOR YOU.

So, HAPPY SHOPPING and we look forward to hearing from you.

LOVE from all of us here at BLUSH.